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2003-01-12 Universe has moved again, this time to SourceForge. I have created a mailing list and the source code is available in public CVS.

2002-10-09 Universe has moved to its new home. Unfortunately the new web server does not have Universe installed, so the demos don't work.


Universe is a PHP Extension to use CORBA objects in PHP.

Mail any comments or questions to

You need MICO version 2.3.7 or later if you want exceptions to work properly!

Latest source code snapshot of Universe

Warning: there may be memory leaks in some situations! :-(

  • 2002-07-17 (51k)
    - Should compile on Win32 again. Thanks to Miroslav Zatko for the bug report!

The snapshot should be extracted in the "ext" subdirectory in the PHP source.
When the ext/universe directory is in place you run ./buildconf in the root directory of the PHP source. You may need to remove the file "configure" before running buildconf. It may also be compiled as a standalone module.

Latest Win32 build of Universe

Note: Test case 007 fails for the Win32 build but the cause has not been investigated yet.

Note 2: PHP/Universe/MICO seem to run very slow on Win32. YMMV.


Online demos

Currently disabled, sorry!

Supporting the development of Universe

Maybe create an IDL to PHP class skeleton compiler? (Or modify an existing.)

Send patches to me.

Or give me something from my whishlist.

Old snapshots

  • 2001-08-06 - initial release for PHP 4.0.6
  • 2001-08-12 - adjusted for Zend 2, should compile on Windows
  • 2001-08-13 - works for me on Windows, try the extension DLL for PHP 4.0.6 and pre-compiled MICO 2.3.5 (7.2 MB).
  • 2001-08-24
    • added a README.win32 about building Universe on Windows
    • mico patch included (mico-2.3.5.patch)
    • bug fix for non-lowercase methods and attributes
    • added new functions: universe_string_to_object() and universe_is_valid()
  • 2001-08-30 - small fix for BSD/OS, some memory leaks fixed
  • 2001-10-04 - small fixes, removed warning for MICO 2.3.6, added patch contributed by Joseph G. Jaeger.
  • 2001-11-05 - adjusted for latest version of PHP CVS.
  • 2001-12-10 - fixed a crash
  • 2002-01-04 - added support for bounded strings (thanks to Sander Steffann for the bug report)
  • 2002-01-10 - at least a few memory leaks less now
  • 2002-01-11 - some clean-ups, less memory leaks
  • 2002-01-13 - should compile as a stand-alone module now
  • 2002-01-27 - important bug-fix release!
  • 2002-02-19
    - php.ini entries: Handle empty value for universe.ORBIIOPAddr, added universe.ORBNoIIOPServer
    - quite a lot of internal clean-up
  • 2002-03-06
    - allow conversion between CORBA's sequence<octet> and PHP's strings
    - should throw user exceptions now
  • 2002-03-07
    - added function universe_set_exception() for use in CORBA servers
    - improved handling of user exceptions
  • 2002-03-25
    - added warning for functions that throws exceptions when MICO versions prior to 2.3.7 are used
    - added support for the new build system used in PHP CVS HEAD
  • 2002-04-22
    - added patch from Marcin Grunwald to make Universe run under thttpd
  • 2002-05-27
    - Improved support for attributes (thanks to Maks Verver for the bug report!)


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